Sand Portfolio

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Lapeenranta Sand festival, Finland 2019

Second sand piece in Lappeenranta done. Water channel and stuff about Lappeenranta :)

Lapeenranta Sand festival, Finland 2019

Made this piece for the Tv series Sorjonen. The producer wantet a ball/sun with abstract element around. Second piece vol. 2. Done. Off to the next piece...

Saimaan kanava, Lappeenranta Finland 2018

Saimaan kanava. Sand. Work by Antti Pedrozo and Stachu Novodworski. Lappeenranta, Finland.

Sun, Lappeenranta Finland 2017

Hiekka monumentti, Lappeenranta

Sorjonen, kausi 2 jakso 5 (Kissan kehto 1/2). Olen tehnyt hiekkaveistoksen sarjaa varten.

Westminster Palace, Zürich Switzerland 2016

The Shoe, Germany 2016

For Engelbert & Strauss, Frankfurt Germany

Working with Lucas Bruggeman.

Retrospektive from Olaf Breuning Düsseldorf Germany 2016

Project at NRW forum Düsseldorf,  Germany.

Working with Marjon Katenberg and Sand City.

Cthulhu, Lappeenranta Finland 2013

Big Ben, Zürich switzerland 2010